Change is needed.  The former players of the NFL Alumni – Philadelphia Chapter stand in solidarity with the courageous individuals who peacefully protest in the United States cities and in cities across the world, against the apparent murder of George Floyd who was killed by several former Minneapolis Police.

Change in perspective.  We are proud of the leadership many of our colleagues have exhibited both personally and professionally, using their voices and social platforms to express their outrage, fear, concerns, and sorrow for what happened in Minneapolis.

Change is coming. The NFL Alumni – Philadelphia Chapter leadership supports its members, who join police forces and residents from across the country to resolve to make sure protests are productive and not divisive.

Change will work. The NFL Alumni – Philadelphia Chapter was founded by people committed to a long-established tradition of “Caring for Kids” across the country, a service they have provided for over 50 years. Player alumni give back to their local communities by raising funds for youth-related charities through their 35 regional chapters. To accomplish our mission and vision, we have established the NFL Alumni Foundation, a 501 {c){3) non-profit organization. Our members actively participate in many community based programs that support the unity of our country with the intent of providing opportunities to support citizens in a positive manner, to serve children and empower our communities.  

Change is commitment. The NFL Alumni – Philadelphia Chapter commits to demonstrate that we support the peaceful resolution of justice, where there is injustice.  And we stand for justice for those who have been the ultimate victims of discrimination and police brutality in this country because we want to support the ideals of our country that everyone has access to opportunity and true justice, no matter their racial circumstance.

Warm Regards,

Lee Woodall

President, NFL Alumni – Philadelphia Chapter