Living a healthy and full life is one of our core values. Through these benefits, members have access to a wide range of products and services specifically focused on health and wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

Former players have access to a variety of programs and resources through the Former Player Life Improvement Plan including the Neurological Care Program. In addition, several benefits include medical and health care services such as telehealth, dentistry, cancer treatment centers, fitness centers, laboratories, cryotherapy

Services extend from special health care and hospital research programs, physical therapy, orthodontics, neurofeedback mapping, and wellness resorts. Options include long-term care insurance as a benefit to cover assistance for a person who has a severe cognitive impairment.

Members participate in several unique programs, which offer full-service support.

Doctor On Demand
When in person visits are impossible, our members receive telehealth services and may access a virtual doctor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Doctor On Demand provides members access to high-quality, compassionate care from experienced doctors through live video visits on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

UNC Center for the Study of Retired Athletes – Our vision is to ensure all former athletes are fit for life after sport participation. We work to inform the sport and science communities about the about the physical and mental health needs and challenges of former athletes. Medical care is provided to former athletes in a clinical setting. Focus areas included general health, injuries, and social wellbeing. Learn more about our ongoing research and clinical research programs by visiting the website: or contacting Candice Goerger at or 919-962-2017.

Fit Farm Adult Fitness Camp – A life changing fitness retreat located on 160 acres outside of Nashville, TN. Luxury accommodations, certified trainers, delicious meals, body testing, and coaching. We have a 13–zoned adult playground that caters to so many styles of activity, as well as the nation’s first Permanent 5K Obstacle Course with lodging. Click the link below to access your exclusive NFL Alumni rate and kickstart a lifelong wellness and fitness transformation.

WellCard Savings Program – As a valued member of the NFL Alumni Association, you and your family have access to a network of professionals who offer reduced rates to members.
You will have access to programs that save you money at the pharmacy, vision providers, hearing care specialists, lab tests, imaging tests, medical bill negotiation services and more. WellCard Health gives its members access to top-quality prescription medications with up to 50% in savings.